First album from Sandra MacBeth


Music video for " Mooneyes"

Music video for charity single " It Does Get Better " performed by The L Project. Reaching No.1 in iTunes & Amazon single charts in the UK, USA, & Australia.

 In the current musical landscape of self releasing artists the 'signal to noise' ratio can often be (sadly) more noise than actual signal -the opposite is true with Sandra MacBeth! - Sandra is a hugely talented artist - very much the real deal  - ... If I had to describe Sandra’s music to someone who hasn’t heard her (yet!) I’d say that vocally there are faint hints of Eddie Reader but sonically her sound is edgy, dark, melodic (in a great way) with everything from  lo fi kitchenware beats to lush Scott Walker-esque arrangements all underpinned by Lorna Thomas’ roaring growling bass… a major find - simply brilliant.

-Gerry Diver- Producer